Following the same categorization as the TodoList. * Rendering ** Uses the WikiCreole syntax... ** ...but you can escape to html if necessary with {{{[]...[]}}}. ** Backlinks showing other pages that link to the current page. ** Code highlighting. Done using JHighlight, just with {{{[]...[]}}} support for now. * Editing ** Wiki pages are stored in SVN. ** A locking model for page edits. ** DeletePage - just blank it. ** RenamePage, CopyPage -- both taking advantage of the underlying svn primitives. ** Can preview rendering before saving changes. ** Support for edits directly in SVN (see SearchIndexAndExternalCommits). ** The menu is a wiki page - ConfigSideBar, so are the header (ConfigHeader) and footer (you guessed it - ConfigFooter). ** Optional commit messages, these get displayed on RecentChanges. ** AttachmentSupport including VersioningAttachments. ** Server-side mime-type setting for attachments - see AboutConfigAutoProperties. * Search ** Matching extracts shown. ** Wiki page titles and content get searched. ** Browser search box integration - OpenSearch. * RecentChanges (see AboutRecentChanges) / History ** Complete per-page history linked from each page. ** RecentChanges with links to diff for each change. ** RecentChangesAtomFeed. ** MinorEdit for keeping RecentChanges free of typo fixes. * Linking ** Both WikiWords and [[Free linking]] are supported. ** InterWikiLinks that are easily configured by editing ConfigInterWikiLinks. * Dynamic content ** SearchResultsAsEmbeddedLists ** XmlQueryLanguageMacrosForIntegration - a macro that executes [[|XQuery]]. ** PluginSystem * Security / authentication ** Currently authenticates against SVN by forwarding BASIC auth. * Deployment ** [[SetupGuide|Trivial setup]] when Apache served SVN is already in place. ** Can have different SubWikisForProjects. ** Supports one reviki instance serving multiple wikis proxied to arbitrary parts of URL space (e.g. for different domains in an apache reverse proxy setup). See base-url property in ConfigFile.